1,000 Point Wellness Challenge

We encourage you to stay healthy and check out the Hand Wash Challenge.  This activity is worth 1,000 points!  Attached is a poster that describes more details.
Registration Through Pulse Begins: 3/20/20Challenge Dates: 3/23 – 4/5/20****Points for this challenge will not post automatically.  They will be entered for each individual (who completed) manually.  Please allow time for this process to take place.
***Remember to login to Pulse everyday, there are a lot of ways to earn points with regular use.  Examples are below:

  • Complete 20 Daily Cards in a month = 200 points
  • Track Healthy Habits 20 Days in a month = 300 Points
  • 7,000 steps for 20 Days in a month = 400 Points

Twitter: @SPSK12Wellness

Web: wellness.spsk12.net

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