Wellness Spotlight

Meet Ashley S., Wellness Champion from KFHS
Ashley is most interested in overall wellness of the mind and the body.  Often reminding herself and helping others to understand that wellness is a lifestyle and just like anything in life, its easy to become off balance.  Ashley motivates KFHS on a regular basis with her Bulldog Wellness Google Classroom.  Staff can check in on community events and learn more about current Wellness trends in Simply Well.
Who is Your Wellness Champion?  Go to wellness.spsk12.net and then click on Wellness Champions from the Top Menu.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year SPS!  Remember…. you need 200 points by May 15, 2019 to earn the *$200 reward*.  Login in to Simply Well today and check in on your points!

  • The MHA and Biometrics (or, Physician form) are required

*$200 reward is a taxable income

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Wellness Spotlight

Meet Charlotte from Kilby Shores!  Charlotte is a custodian who participates in Kilby’s Traveling YMCA Program after school every Tuesday and Thursday.  When asked why she is participating in this program, Charlotte responded with, “For my Health.”  Charlotte enjoys the Traveling YMCA program because of the instructors, and because it is challenging and fun.  Charlotte also enjoys working out with the Kilby Staff.  Charlotte said her goal is to be logged into the Simply Well Program by the end of the week.
Join Charlotte this week and login to the SPS Employee Wellness Program!
Register and Login: connect.simplywell.com