Viverae Informational Packet

Looking for more information on what Viverae and the SPS Employee Wellness Program is all about?  Click on the link below.

Informational Viverae Trifold Packet 2017-2018 (click)

2017-2018 Wellness Incentives

Are you ready for the 2017-2018 SPS Employee Wellness Incentive Program to begin?  Click on the link below to learn more.  Watch the Staff Portal and talk with your building’s Wellness Champion for more details on challenge release dates.

Incentives List for 2017-2018 (click)

Wellness Champions

Do you know your building’s Wellness Champion?  Open the document below for more information.

SPS WELLNESS CHAMPIONS 2017-2018 (click)

Employee Assistance

Did you know that All employees and family member have access to our Employee Assistance Program through Optima. If you’re feeling overly stressed about work, finances or your personal life give them a call for free counseling.  Or, if you’re experiencing depression, substance abuse or anger management issues, give them a call.  Optima Health Employee Assistance Program for SPS – 757-363-6777