Wellness Spotlight

Recently, Cafeteria Manager Susan C. decided to try walking around the gym at Oakland.  She started with averaging 2 laps before having to stop and rest.  Now, 5 weeks later she is able to walk for 1 mile without breaks.  Patrice W., Title I Assistant, has joined Susan on this journey and now successfully walks 1 mile without rest as well.  Also, Patrice is excited to announce that after back surgery, she is now 1 inch taller!

Life after back surgery for these two amazing staff members has been a challenge.  Susan has gone from using a walker pre-surgery to averaging 12,000 steps per day.  Patrice has gone from not being able to move without help pre-surgery to averaging 9,000 steps per day.

Susan C. and Patrice W.  participate in the SPS Fitbit Group Activity.  They would enjoy getting to know you.  Do you have a Fitbit and are looking to join?  Click on the Fitbit Link Below.

Join the SPS Fitbit Activity Group

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