Wellness Spotlight – NPES

Mary Kate S. is the Wellness Champion for NPES and she is a go getter with a Wellness Facebook group that posts monthly exercise challenges to keep staff motivated and accountable.  Also, NPES has 23 staff members taking part in a weight loss challenge as a wellness initiative & staff bonding experience. Each participant is signed up for a 7 week challenge, February through April. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss, WINS!!

Picture: Mary Kate S. – Center With Blue Suffolk Star Shirt

Wellness Spotlight – Tech Center

Our Tech Center has a focus on Wellness led by their Wellness Champion, Sarah M.  Tech is located at JFKMS and has measured walking paths for all staff to enjoy.  Other buildings with measured walking spaces include EFES, FGMS, FS/Trans, KFMS, NPES, OES, and PES.   Sarah does a great job of leading Tech through weight loss challenges as well.

(Picture: Sarah M. – foreground)

Wellness Spotlight

Thank you to the staff from Creekside, Elephant’s Fork, Kilby Shores, and the Bus Drivers for participating in the Fall Traveling YMCA Programming.  We want to celebrate you for your hard work!

This Spring, we have grown into a larger group that now includes Booker T. Washington, Hillpoint, Mack Benn, and the groups from the fall sessions.

*We appreciate KFHS for providing space for our Bus Drivers and well as Food Services for Bus Driver lunches.

Way to go SPS!

Fall 2018 Traveling YMCA


Wellness Spotlight

Tabatha B. is the Wellness Champion for Lakland High School and works with Coach T. from the Physical Education Department to create “Fitness Fun” for staff.  Tabatha stays in constant communication with staff and Lakeland has more than doubled their participation this year in the Wellness Program thanks to Tabatha’s hard work.
(Picture: Tabatha B. – Bottom Row – 1st on Left)

Challenge #2

Challenge #2, The Two Minute Exercise Drill Registration Opens today!  Be one of the first 200 SPS Staff to Register and Complete this challenge to earn (one) Wellness Hoodie.
**Once you have registered for this challenge, make sure you click on the Details and Rules Links within the challenge. Simply Well Challenge Scoring processes must be followed to be considered as a completed challenge.
Registration: 01/23 – 02/10, 2019
Challenge Runs: 01/30 – 02/27, 2019

Wellness Spotlight

Diane W. is the Wellness Champion for SAO.  She communicates with staff members on a regular basis through upbeat emails and always has a healthy, yummy, recipe to share!  Wellness for Diane is changing one or two things in your life to try to be healthier or eat healthier.  She walks at at least three times a week with her husband, and feels blessed to be SAO’s Wellness Champion.
(Picture: Diane W. 1st Row, 2nd from Right)

Wellness Spotlight

Meet Ashley S., Wellness Champion from KFHS
Ashley is most interested in overall wellness of the mind and the body.  Often reminding herself and helping others to understand that wellness is a lifestyle and just like anything in life, its easy to become off balance.  Ashley motivates KFHS on a regular basis with her Bulldog Wellness Google Classroom.  Staff can check in on community events and learn more about current Wellness trends in Simply Well.
Who is Your Wellness Champion?  Go to wellness.spsk12.net and then click on Wellness Champions from the Top Menu.